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T​-​Tops - Face Of Depression 7"


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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jouver @ +/-

Download includes 2 bonus songs!

But on the Face of Depression EP (four songs on the 7”, six on the download), T-Tops makes a definitive statement, coughing up the sort of ceaselessly nasty noise rock not heard since Kittens stopped plaguing the Winnipeg landscape. That descending/ascending riff on the title track adequately captures the horror of spinning out in the snow trying to get your car out of park on a steep incline in Polish Hill, while the rest celebrates both gear-stripping transmission drops AND throwing large, potentially dangerous objects off the rooftop of a commercial building. Which is all you want, really. Or all I want. (Doug Mosurock)

You'd figure with the band's name and the cover of this 7inch featuring a Trans Am with a T-Top roof, that you might be getting some tank top wearing, porn star mustache sporting, pin doobie rolling, burning rubber down mainstreet and cranking up the Foghat 8-track loud band here.
That's not the case though.
If these Pittsburgh agitators are cruising in anything on city streets, it's an assault vehicle. Something lumbering and impenetrable. Something doesn't stop at traffic lights and something the cops can't shoot the tires out on. It rolls over top of anything that might get in it's way and, as the title track can attest, basks in the sound of crushing metal and broken glass.
Heavy on an AmRep tip, anything that ever once resembled a brown weed boogie on "Dead Magician" has been boiled in lead and then anodized. If you scratch at the surface of the record's closer, "Pig Of Hell", til it is raw, you may find something bordering on straight up, old school metal but by then the infection will have already started to set in, making everything all black and oozing with pus. (Dale Merrill)

T-Tops is a three piece band from Pittsburgh, PA who formed in 2012. T-Tops play a blown-out, dirty as fuck, and sludgy style of music that incorporates elements of punk, grunge, and sludgy noise rock within their sound. T-Tops features members of Don Caballero & The Fitt, so going on the Don Caballero connection alone, you know you're in for something really special. Musically, T-Tops can be said to be influenced by bands such as Shellac, Hammerhead, Bleach era Nirvana, The New Brutalism, Big Business, and early 90's AmRep noise rock bands. Since forming in 2012, T-Tops have released a self-titled LP in April of 2015 and a split 10" with Cyrus Gold in April of 2016. Face Of Depression is the band's latest four song 7", which was released on November 4th, 2016. On their latest 7", T-Tops offer up four tracks of blown-out, raw, and loud as fuck punk, grunge, and noise rock. Overall, Face Of Depression is a phenomenal 7" and should not be missed. Highly recommended! Enjoy! (Chris Morris)

If you need a soundtrack for the moment your feeble New Years optimism expires, grab this 7-inch. The sludgy punk trio is good at extracting bleakness from the mundane: “My most productive day was spent lying around the house / inventing new and disgusting ways of stuffing my mouth,” frontman Patrick Waters snarls in “Dead Magician.” It’s dark, sure, but it’s delivered in a noisy, heavy rock ’n’ roll package, which goes down real easy. — MW

Pittsburgh aggro-masters, T-Tops, go to great lengths to project the image of beer-swilling, bellbottom-sporting, porn-mustachioed men’s men, caked in grease and glistening under the sweltering summer sun while getting their Trans Am back in working order. Don’t believe their lies. Patrick Waters, Jason Jouver, and Jason Orr are black-t-shirt-and-jeans-clad music nerds just like the rest of us. No, there’s no arena rock to be found here: T-Tops play crushingly loud, sludgy noise that could make even the most jaded among us search for a sledgehammer to smash everything we own. The sonic assault of their four-song Face of Depression EP—which features two bonus songs if you download the digital version—rarely lets up. They could have called the record Songs to Punch Your Dad to, and no one would have questioned them. “Dead Magician” stands out as the most alluring track on the record proper—slamming into you in the pit and harking back to Nirvana at their most “fuck off”—but T-Tops are perhaps at their most punk on the digital track, “Girl Who,” which seems far too fun, rowdy, and delightful to be relegated to the bonus bin. We all seem to have more than our fair share of rage to exorcise these days, so big ups to T-Tops for this thoroughly cathartic collection of ragers. –Kelley O’Death (Self-released,

Pittsburgh’s T-Tops continue their fierce interrogation of AmRep riffage on this new four-song 7″. I feel like there are plenty of folks wishing someone would come along and fill KARP’s void, and while I can’t say T-Tops are quite on that level, they’re still wielding a mighty force. Their guitars are aiming downhill, with just enough technicality so as not to interrupt the necessary flow, and aided by a hoarse vocalist and a drummer who knows when to fill and when to put all his effort into making each hit count. They mix it up a bit with the extraneous recording collage that opens “Pig Of Hell”, but eventually dig back into a riff you’d expect Rob Zombie to have stolen from Clutch in 1996. No frills to be sure, which is clearly how T-Tops like it, and I’m right there with ’em.


released January 8, 2017


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T-TOPS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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